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The Beloved Tree

At the age of three I sat in awe under eucalyptus trees, mesmerized by mottled light and the shimmer of dancing leaves.

Their oil sweet and tart would cling to misty air and soothe your mind and body just because you’re there.

The coastal wind was salty as it blew most every night. The mighty trees swayed and rocked but never lost the fight.

Bending trees creaked and moaned while standing tall and true, writing songs that lulled me to sleep then wake refreshed and new.

They sang of wisdom, they sang of hope, their song is an ancient story. In moments of quiet thought I could feel their glory.

The forest was a playground and imagination flurried. It also brought peaceful healing away from a life that’s hurried.

Forty-three years now gone, since those early days and while I’ve trodden many paths, I have never lost my way.

All that trees have taught me is far beyond measure; Its time to share a life lesson that I have come to treasure.

Take a moment everyday to listen to the trees. Lay your hands upon their trunks and feel their energy.

Thank them for their gifts, like humility and calm, for giving shelter, love and life to all who come along.

Acknowledge where they came from, their roots are deep below, but they can reach to any height when their environment lets them grow.

It’s something we can strive for, it’s the way I’d like to be, humble, strong and wise, like the beloved tree.

Feeling thankful today

I have been blessed by the love and life I was able to share with Jason. All the people he brought into my world, all the dreams we shared, the laughter and kisses, squirrel fives and smoosh smooshes.

I’ve felt the highest highs and lowest lows of my life with him, for him, because of him.

If you knew him, you miss him. He was once full of life and joy; he was generous to a fault. His laughter filled the room while his smile brightened it. The man I buried was a different man, he was suffering and in pain, we all were.

So much of the last few months has been processing that, who and what he became, how he chose to go. The good memories are starting to flicker more often in the movies of my mind.

I witnessed two of my friends wed the other day and saw the way they looked in each others eyes. It flooded me with that moment Jason and I shared the promises, the looks, the love. I think the hard stuffs only just begun.

I love you bubelah.

Mr. Timmy Timmerson reflects

Jerry berry boo remembers

No one plays with Jörge like daddy did.

There was always love

Grave to Gavel

I changed my name today.

Just walked in and did it.

It needed to happen.

I called Jason’s daughter first to let her know of my plan. I wanted to be sure she knew she will always be my family. She gave me love and said someday she would be married and change her name too. Family is what you make it, not who shares your name.

It is yet another day that I will lay my head down a different person than when I awoke.

Hi, I’m Terra Nicolle, it’s nice to meet you.

Now a widow, my married name isn’t who I am anymore. My maiden name isn’t either, that was a long time ago. I couldn’t really move forward being tagged by the past. I’m also feeling at this point that I belong to no man; neither my father nor a husband. I am an independent woman. So I decided to use my middle name as my last name; with a tweak.

Part of this process was to search for history and meaning of names, because I’m curious about that kind of stuff. That’s when I discovered the Kabalarians. They believe in a mathematical calculation of your name to determine if it can help or hinder your ability to fulfill your destiny which is based on your day of birth. Fascinating.

I’d never heard of them before, so of course I promptly started my complimentary name report, followed up by a casual free phone consultation with a lovely older lady in Vancouver Canada. It’s a small group of followers I think, but I figure I’ll take all the insight I can get.

Turns out, the picture painted of me was pretty spot on; highs and lows, ins and outs. I entered various names of my past; time and again the results resembled who I was at that point. Then I got to Nicole, my possible new last name. It was quite clear, no, no, no. The forecast was a dismal image of a life unsatisfied.

So I played with the spelling; after all each letter has a numerical value that changes its outcome. I tried using a Y, a K, even both; I mean how many ways can you spell Nicole? Turns out quite a few and none of the results were good.

These people may not dictate my identity, but they had my attention. After many variations, I tried an extra “L” and that was it. Nicolle. Nee-coal-l (ooh Lala). They suggested it brings balance and stability needed to be fulfill my destiny. It seemed right. It felt right. So hey, “what the L”.

That was the clerks line at the courthouse when I mentioned the numerological inspiration for adding the letter. I stopped by for information and a court date, but he said the judge can do it now. There was no hesitation on my part; bing bam boom, gavel down, paper stamped and walla.

Hello me.

big hugs from my friend and dearest daddy-o

In the Moment

Today was a good day.

There I said it.

Out loud.

And it’s ok.

Mind you, the bar is low…

I slept well.

I had great coffee and friends to talk to, a delicious pumpkin muffin and a pretty pedicure.

I bought a soda from a cafe…
by myself …
and did not get increased heartrate, shortness of breath, anxious creepers or a soft voice.

Actually, I had a voice today, with some volume.

I’m off the meds and coming back down to earth.

I have to give it up to the universe and the people around me; both near and far. All of you. I’m merely tuning into the right channel. The music and energy of last night has lifted my day.

The compassion and skill that Dr. Katy K. has shown me has made all the difference in the world. I went to her office for wellness and she delivered. Naturally.

Maybe I’ll have another good one tomorrow!

Zen Cat