The Beloved Tree

At the age of three I sat in awe under eucalyptus trees, mesmerized by mottled light and the shimmer of dancing leaves.

Their oil sweet and tart would cling to misty air and soothe your mind and body just because you’re there.

The coastal wind was salty as it blew most every night. The mighty trees swayed and rocked but never lost the fight.

Bending trees creaked and moaned while standing tall and true, writing songs that lulled me to sleep then wake refreshed and new.

They sang of wisdom, they sang of hope, their song is an ancient story. In moments of quiet thought I could feel their glory.

The forest was a playground and imagination flurried. It also brought peaceful healing away from a life that’s hurried.

Forty-three years now gone, since those early days and while I’ve trodden many paths, I have never lost my way.

All that trees have taught me is far beyond measure; Its time to share a life lesson that I have come to treasure.

Take a moment everyday to listen to the trees. Lay your hands upon their trunks and feel their energy.

Thank them for their gifts, like humility and calm, for giving shelter, love and life to all who come along.

Acknowledge where they came from, their roots are deep below, but they can reach to any height when their environment lets them grow.

It’s something we can strive for, it’s the way I’d like to be, humble, strong and wise, like the beloved tree.