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Hello and welcome.

Artichokes and Abalone represent two of my favorite things, both native to my coastal home and part of my childhood. The artichoke, being a thistle, is prickly and sharp. When tended to properly, with some warmth and time, it opens its heart.

The abalone is a slow growing mollusk. It is a snail of the sea, one big foot and a hard protective shell. It requires decades to develop, then once opened and filetted the meat must be pounded with great force. At it’s finest, it will melt in your mouth with the essence of the sea. All that and a spectacularly beautiful shell, on the inside.

With great effort and time, these dense and prickly offerings from natures bounty provide beauty and tenderness that caress your senses. Much like life.

This blog started as a soapbox for politics and opinion. Shortly after creation a major tragedy struck our family with the death of my husband.  Now, it has also become a place to document this new journey of grief, discovery and possiblities.

Most of my creative quests are endeavors of passion and an outlet for the mind and the heart. This does not mean everyone thinks they are good… and that’s ok.

I’m Terra.

I am a Taurus.

Take it for what it is, TerraBull

Image from The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf. Artichokes and Abalone header photos by Lyna

Because I must…