Mother’s Speaking

Keeping safe and sound these days requires proper PPE, common sense, science based planning, a healthy body and mind and unconditional love swelling in our hearts. It’s a lot. What more can we do to live in a time of pandemic? We can find a way to live safely and fully with balance.

It’s all about attitude now; finding calm, acceptance, tolerance, community and love in a time that promotes fear and chaos. If we act and live like we are suffering we will. Those finding joy and a new balance in this never before experienced time suddenly have a new type of abundance they’ve likely never known.

Thank you Mother Earth.

This day is yours and I am listening. You have much to say; you are showing us another way and it is greener, brighter, clearer, more breathable and more beautiful than I could have imagined. There is loss, change always comes with loss, some is too heartbreaking to bare, but it is not an end for those that live on.

It is clear to me we cannot go back to what was. Never backwards, always forwards. Right now we are in a bit of a limbo. This is my life of the last few years; stopped, placed in holding, then moving on to new. I speak from experience.

We now have a unique opportunity to BE different. We are different already; can you allow that shift in yourself to be ok? Can you embrace the possibilities it offers? What was is no more. It’s time to move forward in a new way.

I am finding my life in isolation at home is full of family and meaningful connections albeit virtually. I have the beauty of Spring in the Pacific Northwest out my window and a path to a balance of my needs and the need to shelter in place. It took intention, reflection and a lot of patience. It wasn’t easy, but it’s oh so worth it. I have modifed most every activity I used to take for granted and yet the most difficult part is witnessing others behave like it all means nothing.

It means everything!

It is possible to keep this feeling after we are “open” for business. I would even say its essential. We are now experiencing what we’ve been missing while working endlessly like a cog in the machine. We were told it was the only way to exist. How could we prove them wrong? Now we know they were.

Don’t believe it when they tell you going back is the only way, the political and industrial complex has one purpose… to serve itself. It’s time for us to serve a greater purpose for a life of true abundance.

Yes work has to get done and bills need to be paid. People need services, products, care, activity… we want to be productive! But will you go back like before? Will you make different choices? Are you all in, work first?

Will you prioritize time for the things you are suddenly steeped in like casual life with the family, uninterrupted conversations with loved ones, late mornings and lazy afternoons?

When not GO, GO, GOing now… who are you BEING? Have you found a new rhythm or a new way of thinking that feels good? Have you learned anything new about yourself? HOLD ONTO IT! Don’t let anyone take it away.

When they open the doors to the old ways, you don’t have to go in. Take another path. Wave as you walk past the insistence that you can only be what was and go forward in a new way. You can feed the machine AND feed your soul. It’s all in your attitude.

Keep on your new path holding what you’ve learned in this extraordinary time and know that you can thrive in life with greater wealth than just money. How much do you really need? Do you already have what matters? A full life is rich in many ways… question those that say otherwise.

Thats what I’m doing anyway.

This Earth Day is the most significant in my life; Gaia is speaking LOUDLY and directly to us all. Do you hear her? Mother Earth is dying for balance and we are being grounded for bad behavior. It’s time to be better, change our attitude and our priorities and at long last listen to our mother.