Activist Girl, it’s not just the name of a lipstick.

I’m what some might call a conspiracy theorist instinctually, although lately it’s seems I’m more of a realist. I once was a moderately informed and uninspired voter, but that changed in the fall of 2015.  I was suddenly inspired to be involved and outspoken about the decisions we are allowing our politicians, and those that support them, to make on our behalf. I felt supported and connected like never before, so much so it has led to this, a humble online journal.

Forced off Facebook by family refusing to reconcile pictures of puppies, flowers and silly comments on the lighter side of life with the pounding, gut wrenching, mind blowing day to day activities of our nations leadership of late. The dichotomy of posts was too much for some and eventually became too much for me.

Information overload… the great time suck.

Truth is, I was blindsided by a visceral response to the darker side of humanity that has come to surface lately; specifically images from Charlottesville. At that moment a spark was lit and I found myself writing more. Poems, stories, notes and now blogs. So why  not… as with most things in the last year, “I’m so mad I made a…” add website to the list. I’m hoping it will be more about healing than anything. Here’s to some cathartic ramblings!