Steady, Aim, Fire

The last time I watched the news Jason and I were watching the hurricane over Florida. So saying I’m out of the loop is an understatement. I will say not being in the loop is a pleasant thing. I understand the benefits of keeping your head in the sand. But you can’t stay there.

The immediate angst and stress that overcomes me with any of the BS is too much. Everyday, but especially now. But the winds blow information and I have some ideas of the tragedies of late.

I find myself connecting with the tether of grief that stretches across the country and its too much. I can’t help but think how those people will deal with life now.

Do they have a chance to figure it out or if they don’t go to work tomorrow will they lose their job, their home, their health? I could have, if not for the kindness of friends and strangers. It’s something I haven’t thought before and it weighs heavy in my mind.

But… I have something to say about the #nra once again defending any act to protect a “right” to be armed and this mystery shooter.

You cannot use logic to solve the illogical. You cannot use reason to answer the unreasonable. You simply cannot fathom the unfathomable. From suicide to terrorism; you can never know the inner workings of another human if they don’t want you to and if in order to understand you have to enter those dark places, don’t. Many don’t survive those dark places. Knowing everything isn’t everything.

What you CAN do is recognize that the nra is an organization that thrives on you believing your weapons are at risk. What you CAN do is understand the policies are what they are because the people who support this organization are voted in time and again because they lobby under fear of losing your guns. Those politicians push through the legislation written by the NRA because they all have something to gain by it. Follow the money folks.

If the NRA cared about gun rights, they would make sure people used them safely. They would make sure those people that damaged the industries name and intent paid for their crimes against humanity. They would protest murder of innocent victims and shame the action. Instead, there’s been a boost in sales because people are worried their guns will be taken away.

The ONLY thing you can do is educate your circle of influence to vote these lobbying agencies and fear mongering corporate funded politicians OUT. STOP VOTING SOLELY ON PARTY, there’s too much corruption.

Congress is currently focusing on removing rights from women (because they care about the sanctity of life) while letting millions starve in Puerto Rico (because they owe money?). That is the agenda of the day I believe.

They defend THIS ONE right, arms, beyond all others; one that historically destroys, yet they take away five others that can heal. Let’s be real, it’s been more than 5 this year.

Despite all that is going on, they are insisting that ANOTHER massacre of citizens by a white American terrorist does not warrant a sensible discussion on safe gun legislation. If he was ethnic it would be about keeping those people out. Right? Does that seem reasonable to you? Are they representing YOUR priorities?

You’re fighting the wrong people. Congress wont do anything. These politicians are dying on the vine. Let them wither, replace them wisely. If there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s that we don’t need our leaders to make changes that WE as a nation want. WE have enough power to force actions through other means. Generally monetary.

Cancel your membership with the NRA. Write your gun manufacturers to force it. Walmart changed the nation with its influence, for good and bad. Put the pressure on the industry. Vote for safe gun use and national sales tracking of arms AND AMMO. Just because someone has no record and no history doesn’t mean anything. And just because they do, doesn’t either. There’s another way.

Personally, I think guns are not worth much without the bullets. Want to fire that gun? Sorry bullets are under lock and key, we’ll need information and money to give you one. ONE. I remember the shooting lesson if you can’t do it in one shot you’re not doing it right. Need 500 bullets? I disagree. Sorry, you don’t.

Justice must be served; those that did it, defend it and legislate ways for it happen again must be stopped. Im just so furious these people who call themselves leaders continue to put our citizens in grave harm. ALL OF US. I hope you are too.

Let’s do something about it, even if it’s just talk. But not today, I’m wiped out now.