It’s National Equality Day.

Yeah for us.

In my grandparents lifetime women were given the right to vote. Some women, white woman. My grandmother Letitia would have been about 19, probably in Kansas. She was a rebel in her time, I can only imagine what she was like back then. I am grateful to know her when I was a kid and hear stories.

It was a long fight to earn this right. For more than half our countries existence, a country built on freedom and equality, there was no voice for more than half of its population. And that’s just the vote, it was not much more, women were still basically property. Today our votes are being stripped away by policy, silencing masses through “legal” means.

100 years since she could vote and we still don’t have equality. Today there is still basically policy for white men and not white men, which is worsening thanks to the rhetoric from our current “leaders”. What’s worse yet is this specialized class in our society is crying foul because they are feeling marginalized now. It’s all so out of whack.

No offense to white men, I know and love many, but it still weighs out like that in the system and it’s not ok. How long does this good ol’ boy policy get to run the show before we say enough? We CAN say enough. We do not have to tolerate it.

The time for a matriarchal society is overdue, the patriarch has served and destroyed long enough. This is not a “vote for woman because she’s woman” call to action. Just because she is woman, doesn’t mean she is automatically right. Woman are capable of everything a man is and more; including vile and corrupt behavior.

Men and women and everything in between are needed to support a shift in thinking; from a place of power and destruction to a place of community and growth. It’s a common place to rule from, it’s tribal, ancient, old school.

Women used to be the wisdom of a society, the caregiver, the elder.

The patriarchal societies diminishment of women’s value through objective means like image and birthing are interwoven into our thinking, but it’s not nature’s way. It’s Long past time for the power of woman to bring rebirth to dying notions of what life can be. This starts in our own daily life but requires policy and practice to extend to the greater population. Inclusion, nurturing, open hearts and informed minds; imagine the creation of a world ruled from that place.

Now, let’s go make it happen.