Thank You.

I am a person who receives great joy in giving; particularly through food. Giving is far easier than receiving. I am overwhelmed. The loss, the found, the fear and the hope… all of it. What is pouring out of you is filling my heart with more than it knows how to hold, and it pours out of me in buckets of tears. While I am in an unreal place, the daunting weight of reality still sits in front of the next door that I have to walk through. All of these words and actions to support me are just…. I can’t even say. I humbly accept it all; from coffee, to cake, to greens of all kinds. This link is a gift of time, something of unmeasurable worth. If all you have is a reason to laugh or a shoulder to cry on, I’ll take it. And I honor it all. And I treasure it all. And I will spend my forever paying it forward. Thank you, all of you. I know that beyond his darkness, Jason loved me deeply and truly. I know that he wanted nothing but the best for me and tragically he wouldn’t take another path to set us free from his demons. I am sick with the thought. Mercy and grace are upon him.


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