What’s In A Day?

Today is an 11/11 portal of manifestation that can open a door for the next decade. This day is made even more significant by the unique path of Mars as it goes across the Sun and also the full Moon rising tomorrow in my house, the house of Taurus.

I could feel this day coming and know it leads to a powerful new 2020 that will shift the progress of 2019 into a foundation for all that’s to come. It makes this process of declaring my intentions even more important. There is gravity in these words and I can feel their weight when I speak them.

I highly encourage you to set your intentions today. Pause and imagine what you want for yourself. I don’t have a lot of details in my plan, but I know the feelings I want to carry with me for everything I do, so that’s what I am setting. No pressure.

Manifestation begins with knowing what you want to be true, believing that it is real and feeling it like it’s happening. It’s palpable.

On this day I put to words the thoughts in my head that set my place in my future;

I intend to take care of that which needs me to take care of it, including myself; gratefully, openly, generously and thoroughly.

I intend to embrace the silence, the pause between that allows us to grow, and be a witness to what that moment brings forward.

I will choose to take on other people’s stuff or not; I can pick up their batons or not, it’s ok, and I will communicate my choices with kindness.

I intend to be healthy, strong, aligned and harmonious; thriving with clarity, creation and ingenuity because I am connected to self and the universal energies that surround everything.

I intend to write what needs to be written.

I intend to make choices that align with these intentions and ask for what I need when I need help.

I will honor and learn from the past but I will live in the present with intention for the future I want.

I will give and receive love that swells my heart and feeds my soul… for this decade and beyond.

Thank you to everyone who helped me find my way here. ❤️

What are your intentions?