Imagine the sound of boots,

only passing by the pure.

If there’s a mix or half breed;

it is doomed for sure.

Battles have been fought and won, but the losers cling to bloodlines.

It’s not your children they are after; it’s your beloved canines.

A kick on the door,

a yelp and a holler;

your dog is ripped away.

Taken outside beaten

and battered;

a pain you can’t convey.

Your beloved Fido is gone,

taken by someone who hated;

if only you knew

how bad it could be,

you surely wouldn’t have waited.

You might have paid attention

to all the things that seemed so strange;

rather than ignore the signs

of messages deranged.

All the news was “fake”,

it didn’t really matter;

until the day

they kicked in the door

and your life was shattered.

If all the dogs that were not pure

were taken and destroyed;

the outrage would be immeasurable,

with no way to fill the void.

Most folks would scream and cry,

battle with all their might,

they surely would not go

“calmly into the night”.

You’d rage with fire,

sticks and fists;

whatever came to reach,

because you know the history and the evil that they preach.

There’s a movement rising,

against our psyche and perception;

but it’s something you can’t see

when you look the other direction.

So while we ponder whose to blame

on “many sides” today,

don’t forget the values

of our beloved USA.

We will rage against wrongs

across all land and sea;

we fight for freedom, life and justice;

we fight for democracy.

In this battle there is no room

for tolerance of hate;

and warriors are needed to hold the front lines

while the rest of us debate.

So be it pets or people;

whomever you shall protect,

be grateful for the warriors

who never shall defect.

In uniform or humble garb,

their hearts remain the same:

they prepare to battle hatred

and for that they have no shame.

*inspired by ANITFA vs. the Supremacists at Charleston Civil Protests, August 12th, 2017*